The aim of Music in Movement (MiM) is to disseminate the work of selected noteworthy European composers and depict their influence on the European musical landscape of the 20th and 21st centuries.  MiM focuses on Europe’s musical community, how it is shaped by the accomplishments of different free and autonomous composers with various backgrounds and can easily be described as “unity in diversity”. The Music in Movement programme therefore assumes the cooperation of European archives, music publishers, and other organisations that work to preserve Europe’s musical heritage.

Music in Movement addresses the need for cultural heritage institutions with collections related to contemporary classical music to explore ways of highlighting the evolution of contemporary classical music in Europe through innovative presentation forms aimed at various user groups.

The aim is to showcase the greatest European contemporary composers for wider audiences. The project sets up a unique opportunity for an international presentation of our common musical heritage, including online activities as well as workshops and performances. The aim is to cater for the musically educated user while also meeting the needs of broader audiences who have an interest in culture. MiM wants to investigate how musical landscapes can be linked to the social phenomena that constitute key elements of European identity, such as openness, migration and the free movement of ideas and verify if they can indeed influence social change.As contemporary classical music is often referred to as ‘difficult’ and challenging to appreciate, it needs to be presented in an engaging way. otherwise it may never get the deserved attention and visibility it deserves.